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Up & Coming, Up & Running • UCUR 2015

Are you helping start a new food co-op, or working with one that is open and in the first years of operation? Join us at UCUR 2015 (it sounds like "euchre") to get the tools you'll need to succeed.

On Friday, February 27, 2015, people from new co-ops across the country will gather in Bloomington, Indiana for the 6th year of a conference known as UCUR: Up and Coming, Up and Running 2015. We are in the planning stages now! UCUR is a collaborative conference drawing from many co-op and industry resources.

This two-day gathering offers workshops concerning the three stages of new co-op development, from the very first work of community building, to financing and designing the store, to finally implementing systems and opening the doors.

UCUR also offers training for the staff and board of new co-ops during their first years of operation, helping those that are Up and Running tweak their systems and achieve success.

Additional in-depth optional workshops will be offered on Thursday, February 26. Thursday tours of the five Bloomingfoods stores will give participants plenty of on-the-floor and back room operational insights.

One of the features of the UCUR conference that attendees find especially valuable is the chance to schedule one-on-one or small group meetings with our speakers and consultants. The networking opportunities are also tremendous. And, in the end, it is just plain fun (and energizing) to get together, sharing stories about our successes and challenges. 

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